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When cherry blossom blooms? 2023 Forecast

Busiest time of the year for Japan travelers is the season of Sakura Cherry Blossom. Locals are also looking forward to the breath of spring and enjoy Hanami, cherry blossom viewing under the trees.

Here are the latest forecast when they start blooming this year.

In Japan generally, they bloom nearly normal or slightly earlier than usual

Credit: Weather Map Co., Ltd.

Updated Feb 23, 2023

In Tokyo, it says that cherry will start blooming on March 17th and so it be in full bloom on March 24th (generally cherry fully blooms one week after it starts blooming).

In Kyoto, first bloom will be on March 21st and fully blooms on March 29th.

In Kanazawa, first bloom will be on March 25th and fully blooms on March 30th.


If you visit Japan in the middle of April, Tohoku Northeast of Japan is a good choice.

In Hokkaido, you can enjoy Sakura from the end of April to the beginning of May.

They are all the forecasts and also they really depend on trees and weathers but I hope it helps you to plan your visit!

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